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On Feel Mining you can retrieve your transaction history in CSV format.

Step 1: Go to your dashboard and click on "Operations".

Step 2: Once on "Transaction History" click on "Export".

Step 3: Upload the file to Waltio.

Feel Mining's files only reference masternodes or stacking/cashback transactions and fees.

⚠️ When purchasing a cryptocurrency via Feel Mining, the file provided does not reference the purchase of the cryptocurrency, but only a payment amount in € (see screenshot).

Thus, you will have to create an exchange transaction manually or via a Waltio's file format, using the invoice received by email (see example below).

Example: I exchange 402.91 € for 100 MINA. (expenses 20.15 €)

Trading € for crypto-currencies will increase my cash-in.

⚠️ EURO deposits do not need to be created, only € <> crypto exchanges matching your invoice. Waltio does not need transactions involving only €.

⚠️ Feel Mining also offers investment packages consisting of staking and masternodes. The file provided by Feel Mining for these packs also does not reference the purchase of cryptos, but only a payment amount in € (see screenshot). It is therefore not possible for Waltio to know which crypto-currencies you have in stock.

Here it is also necessary to create an exchange transaction manually or via a Waltio's file format with the help of the received invoice (see an example below).

Example : 1 exchange of 146.03 € for 3167.52 Phore at the unit price of

0.046€*(146.03 / 3167.52 = 0.046 €)

You can choose to spread the "set-up fee" over your different transactions.

Example : 357.36 / 8 = 44.66 € of fees per purchase transaction (exchange)

To be more precise, you can weight the fees by the weight (%) of each cryptocurrency in the total purchase.

Example : Tezos represents 20% of the pack so we will have 71.452€* of expenses for the purchase of XTZ * 357.26 * 0.2 = 71.452 €

💡 When selling your crypto-currencies, if Feel Mining files still do not reference crypto-currency purchases, you will need to manually create trade (sales) transactions the same way you created trade (purchases) transactions.

💡 Feel Mining transaction history is available as of July 1, 2020. Earlier operations will not be able to be exported (source: Feel Mining website). Here's how to import these missing operations to Waltio.

💡 The gains obtained by masternodes, staking (immobilizing tokens to obtain more) and mining are not defined by the legal texts. There is a legal blur concerning them. Interpretations among tax lawyers differ. Here is the one put into practice by Waltio.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat just at the bottom right of your screen! 💬

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