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You are probably wondering how the swap between ERD and eGLD is managed. Indeed, it is possible that a coin changes its name. This is the case for the Elrond swap and its token ERD which became eGLD in September 2020.

1 eGLD = 1000 ERD

When eGLD started to be traded on the exchanges, it was automatically priced at 1000x the price of ERD. In USD or Euro terms, the value of eGLD is exactly the same as that of ERD.

In Waltio, the database stores two tokens, and you need to add an exchange transaction between ERD and eGLD.

πŸ’‘ For some platforms like crypto.com, you don't have to do anything because the swap is visible.

Others platforms like Binance, Just Mining and the Elrond Bridge do not give the possibility to see these swap transactions. We have informed them about this, but have not yet received any feedback.

It is therefore necessary to create them yourself in order to solve this problem.

πŸ’‘ This is also the case for LEND vs AAVE, COCOS vs COCOS, BQX vs VGX, CDT vs SSV...

To do this, create a swap transaction equal to the sum of your ERD in your account on the date of the swap to eGLD.


You have 1000 ERD equivalent to $25. These 1000 ERD will become 1 eGLD which will also be worth $25. This gives in Waltio the result below.

Step 1 : Click on "Add Transactions" and then, "Exchange".

Step 2 : Fill in the details of your transaction and click on "Add 1 transaction".

⚠️ If the withdrawal of LEND, ERD (etc.) is already present, you will simply need to make a deposit of AAVE or EGLD instead of the trade.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat just at the bottom right of your screen! πŸ’¬

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