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💡 Following your many feedbacks for the addition of the Crypto.com API, we have started working on it. However, we run into two issues when adding this API connection:

  • The exchange's API only imports trades from the last 6 months

  • Deposits and withdrawals are not retrieved by API

Considering these limits, we will not be able to offer an API for the crypto.com exchange platform in the short term 😕 We apologize for this inconvenience, and we have approached their service to move the matter forward without having feedback at the moment 🙏

📫 We recommend that you contact them to let them know of your difficulties regarding the recovery of your data. Indeed, we are convinced that if this API request comes from their customers, it will be prioritized.

To retrieve your transaction history through the exchange, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to your Crypto.com account:

Step 2: In the main menu, select “wallet”:

Step 3 : Download your documents:

1️⃣ The deposit and withdrawal file:

👉 It is only possible to download a history of the last 180 days.

2️⃣ The transaction file:

It includes all the slightly more complex transactions, like Airdrop deposits or CRO staking, for example.

👉 It is only possible to download a history of the last 30 days.

3️⃣ The loan/margin file:

Add it if you have done any borrowing or margin trading.

👉 It is not necessary if you have not done any such trading.

4️⃣ The trade file:

You will find it in the “Orders” menu (on the left of your screen) and the “Trade History” submenu. It includes all trading transactions (derivatives, futures, etc.)

👉 It is only possible to download a history of the last 180 days.

Step 4: Export your documents:

For each file, select the dates and transaction types, then click “Export” :

Step 5: Upload the files to Waltio

⚠️ Opening and saving a CSV file can sometimes modify its structure, thus blocking automatic lecture by our program. Once files from Crypto.com files are downloaded, please, do not open them or modify their names so that we can read it correctly !

Thank you.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the Chatbot just at the bottom right of your screen! 💬

The Waltio Team

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