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The tax system for an individual is different from that of a corporation. The amount of taxation differs according to the status. The professional activity is subject to a declaration to the BIC regime.

Thus, accounting software for companies is a whole different business than tax software for individuals, and Waltio is a tax software adapted to individuals.

We receive a lot of requests related to this feature that we do not plan to add to Waltio soon.

However, we can offer you 2 alternatives:

1. Contact Cryptio, a specialized crypto accounting software for professionals. You can contact Product Lead and in charge of customer demos.

2. Use Waltio's 'individual' formula - You can generate a general ledger or stock sheet to know the state of stocks between 2 dates and thus establish your stocks.

We cannot give you more details about these activities as it could be considered as tax consulting, which is not the nature of our activity.

The profession of tax consultant being regulated and reserved to tax lawyers having the exclusivity of the activity, to answer your questions, we can recommend you two chartered accountants: Houssen ISSOUF ALY and Fabrice Heuvrard:, specialized in the accounting stakes of digital assets.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat just at the bottom right of your screen! ๐Ÿ’ฌ

The Waltio team

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