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This warning is triggered because we need to know your total balance, i.e. the overall portfolio value.

Indeed, the overall value of the portfolio is one of the three components of the capital gain calculation:

There are 3 reasons for an negative balance warning:

1 - One or more accounts are missing on Waltio

2 - One or more types of operation(s) are missing on Waltio

3 - One or more operations are present "in excess" (double / triple ...) on Waltio

Negative balance warnings are generated on a token / platform pair level. Hence, you can only have negative balances per token AND per platform.

Example: negative balance of 1 BTC on Just-Mining.

πŸ’‘ A deposit may be flagged as an negative balance warning.
Exemple :
01/01: Balance 0 BTC : Withdrawal of 2 BTC β†’ negative balance of 2 BTC

02/01: Balance - 2 BTC: Deposit of 1 BTC β†’ negative balance of 1 BTC

The first transaction involving a token and/or a platform cannot technically be a withdrawal.

1️⃣ If you encounter negative balances, please check that you have submitted all of your accounts and transactions to Waltio.

πŸ’‘ If an account is not supported by Waltio, you can add it via a Waltio format file.

We need all your transactions to calculate your capital gains, to understand why it is essential, just read this article.

2️⃣ You would have to check either there are some missing data related to your accounts or the issue come from Waltio's reading abilities.

πŸ’‘ To double check the latter, please have a cautious look to all your files, screening that all underlying transactions are actually read. To double check the former, please compare the transactions read by API and those read during a file upload.

Here are several examples leading to negative balances:

  • A file or API are missing :

You forgot to add a file or platform. Hence you would have to add all your transactions since your first trade, even if they were made on a platform, not used anymore.
Don't hesitate to read our article on how to get started with Waltio.

  • A transaction is missing :

Some transaction types may not be retrievable by API or file import. This is for example the case for loans and borrowings on Binance, or Spotlight investments on Kucoin. You should refer to our respective FAQ articles, and then add these transactions via a Waltio file.

The first transaction on this account is a withdrawal, which is impossible. You cannot withdraw a token that you have never bought or deposited before.

  • The platform's name is not written in uppercase letters in the Waltio format file :

When adding a transaction in Waltio format, you should pay attention to the naming convention and therefore enter HUOBI and not Huobi.

  • A transaction has been added several times by mistake :

We invite you to delete it manually. If the problem keep going on, we recommend you to delete the API or the file and reiterate the operation

It can happen when you delete an API or files before deleting the respective transactions.

To avoid this, you should definitely delete your transactions before your file or API.

  • A withdrawal appears before a deposit :

In this case, there is a withdrawal and a deposit of ALPACA at the same time. If the withdrawal occurs before the deposit, this will create an negative balance. We advise you to delay the deposit time by a couple of seconds

πŸ’‘ In case a transaction type is not supported by Waltio and not already explained in our tutorial, we suggest you to contact us by sending us the file (not renamed, unmodified and unopened) from the concerned platform including the transactions not covered by Waltio as well as as much information possible about these transactions (lines within the file, amount and token).

3️⃣ If you have found the source of negative balances, we advise you to correct the related warnings by adding deposit transactions.

4️⃣ If all you data has been provided and after having made a couple of corrections and verifications, negative balance warnings still persist, we kindly recommend you to produce a provisional inventory stock.

How do you find your negative balance?

Once you have your inventory stock sheet, please go to the respective part of the cryptos concerned by the negative balance warnings. Please have a look to the boxes colored in red in column J (Platform Balance). Negative balances are always negative amounts.

For example, we see that the first negative balance (highlighted in yellow) comes from Binance.

πŸ’‘ In order to make them more visible, negative balances are automatically highlighted in red.

πŸ’‘ If you have multiple platforms within your sheet, please apply the filter by ticking the box

We note that there is an negative balance of 1 002.67 USDT.

5️⃣ Since your overall outputs cannot technically be greater than your overall inputs, the step 4️⃣ was intended to help you to find the missing operation.

So please go back to step 3️⃣ and make the corrections and changes necessary.

6️⃣ In case the previous steps didn't help, we would recommend you to add compensatory deposits.

πŸ’‘ An offsetting deposit is a deposit equivalent to the maximum amount of negative balance encountered on a token and platform on a date prior to the date of the first transaction detected as negative balance.

πŸ’‘ If you add transactions manually, please make sure to fill in the platform name, respecting the convention naming as shown in the table in this tutorial. In the screenshot below we see that the deposit was added manually via a Waltio format, but the platform name has been forgotten.

Example : you have to fill in COINBASE (in uppercase) in "platform" in order to calculate the balance without creating an negative balance during the withdrawal.

πŸ’‘ We did not display negative balance when the amount didn't exceed -2 € (between 0 and -2). Since end of 2021 we have generalized this rule to -10 € in order to shrink the amount of (small) negative balances which are time-consuming to find and to compensate.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat just at the bottom right of your screen! πŸ’¬

The Waltio team

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